A Girly Girl Cake

This cake was really fun to make! I made it for my friends daughters 8Th birthday. She had a Fashion Show party and wanted a purse cake. This is my first purse cake and my first pillow cake, it’s also the first time I’ve done zebra print. It was so fun to make and it took me forever, but I learned a ton!

The purse cake was a White Chocolate Sour Cream Cake or WCSC cake as they are called by professionals, and the pillow cake was Vanilla Cake. Both cakes were covered with pink Buttercream icing, then covered in fondant and decorated.
Because I was also helping at the party, I was in charge of cutting the cake. I must admit, it is really hard to cut my own cakes. All that work, but it tasted so good!


2 thoughts on “A Girly Girl Cake

  1. Your cakes are amazing. Grandma would be so proud of you. These are just beautiful. I showed the girls the picture of this cake without telling them it was your site. Katy was amazed at how awesome it was. I told them it was your site and Tori said she needed to come to Florida right away.

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