Go Celtics!!!

So I must admit, I am not much of a basketball fan, but I have learned a lot about the Boston Celtics this week. This cake was for a very cute…I mean, very cool 10 year old boy, who loves the Celtics. His favorite player is Paul Pierce, so as I am very new at making gumpaste figures, the man on the cake hardly resembles Paul Pierce.

Although I think our cool birthday boy has a little more of a resemblance to his figure, except for the fact that he would be extremely tall for his age if he actually came to Paul Pierce’s shoulder…..What I am trying nicely to say is…Gumpaste figures are not my forte’. I am trying hard and I hopefully will get better, but they are really hard to do. I am certainly No Michelangelo, with clay, paint or sugar. Although, it would be fun to see what Michelangelo could make of a lump of gumpaste. Hummmmm…. I love random thoughts…

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