Video Games, Beer and Football…

I will admit that carved, over the top cakes are my favorite. I love a challenge, so I couldn’t wait to take on the challenge of making edible beer bottles and XBOX controllers.  

 The beer bottles are made of rice crispy treats and covered in modeling chocolate. Yum!!!

 The football and the controller are also made or rice crispy treats and the ice cubes are sugar.

So that leaves the XBOX 360 and the bucket, yummy, delicious cake! Can you think of anything else I could have added to this cake? Maybe a plate of buffalo wings?


Celebrating 40 with STYLE & BLING!!!

Many people spend their 40th birthday depressed and sad that they have reached yet another milestone in their lives.
 But NOT Kim!!!
I was so excited when Kim called and asked if I could make her 40th Birthday cake and her instructions were to put as much BLING on the cake as I could. It was a pleasure working with Kim and her husband Craig.
If you look closely you can see that the fondant sparkles and shines. Go ahead click on the picture, it will get bigger and you will see it better. It’s really pretty.

 The hanging jewels are made of sugar and the Roses are gum paste. When Kim said she wanted bling, the first thing that popped into my mind was a beautiful hanging chandelier of edible jewels.

Again, if you look closely you can see the beautiful finish on the fondant. The broach is real as well as all of the zebra print ribbon, but they went so well together. I just love it!
Craig’s Cake
During our first meeting Kim sent Craig on an short errand and then quickly explained that she also wanted a surprise cake for Craig. I was happy to oblige. Kim knew what cake flavors she wanted on her cake, but Craig was trying to talk her into other favors, so we set up a cake tasting, pretending it was for Kim, so we could find out what flavor Craig wanted:) It was really neat to see how well he treated her. She would look at him and say, “Well, which one would you want?” he would smile at her and say, “What ever you want…” She would ask again and his response was the same. After about 20 minutes she had run out of ways to ask his opinion on the cake, because he would “just want her to be happy” or “want her to have what ever she wanted”. Finally, I jumped in and asked, “If this was your cake, what flavor would you choose?”
Vanilla cake with Almond buttercream and Raspberry filling. DONE!
Kim’s cake was Chocolate with Cream Cheese Icing and Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

So, a huge Happy Birthday to Craig as well! It was a pleasure to meet you both!

Big Mac, Fries, and a Coke

Happy 30th Brian!

I have had so much fun making this cake and I have learned so much. This cake was for some very good friends of ours. Brian is turning 30 this year, and his wife Devynn asked me to surprise him with this cake. It was awesome, she set up the whole thing and he had no idea that it was even happening. The Surprise party was at The Cheesecake Factory and they were kind enough to let us bring in our own cake. (Although it did seem a little crazy to take a cake into my favorite restaurant with the best desserts in the world!)
It was great though, everyone was so kind and complementary, other customers were stopping to take pictures of the cake. Even the chefs were coming up and checking out the cake! I think someone even asked if I was single! Wow, that hasn’t happened in a while!

So… Happy Birthday Brian! I hope you had a wonderful and surprising birthday!
Now, about the cake. The cake itself is Vanilla with Almond Buttercream and fresh raspberries. The cakes are covered in fondant. The cheese and onions are fondant and the lettuce is gum paste. The hamburger patties are cocoa Krispies. ( Rice Krispies treats)
The fries are my favorite part of the cake. I decided to use white modeling chocolate because it tastes much better then fondant, but is just as easy to use. I kept trying to come up with ways to shape the fries, until I decided to just make the chocolate look like potatoes and then cut them like I would fries. It worked great and brought back lots of memories of barbecues and making fries with my husband. He makes the best fries EVER!
The cup of coke was also very fun, although you can’t see it all that well in these pictures. The ice cubes are made of Isomalt sugar and taste like unflavored lollipops. The “Coke” is piping gel that I tinted brown.
It was so fun to see everyones faces when the looked at the cake. It makes it so fun for me. Thank you to all the kind people at Cheesecakes Factory, especially the head chef (sorry I didn’t get your name, I was a little overwhelmed) I have so much to think about and work toward. I truly appreciate your confidence in me.