A Cake fit for a Queen

Bella is not just a princess, but a Queen!
 She has won
Sunburst International Overall Queen
Citrus National Overall Queen
AGM Grand Supreme
Sunburst State Pee Wee Queen
So, we were thrilled to make a cake to celebrate her accomplishments and give it as a thank you gift to her very loved coach, Ms. Tiffany.
 Each of the dresses represent on of her crowns, so we thought it would be fitting to add an edible crown right in front.

 Congratulations to Bella, her mom and her coach!


I love baking cakes! I know you could probably guess that since this is a cake blog. But its not just the finished product, or the finished cake that I love. It’s the process of baking the cake. Every time I start sifting flour and measuring sugar. Every time I fill the pans with fluffy batter I think of my Grandma. I can hear her reminding me to tap the pans on the counter to get out the air bubbles, or see her standing next to me as I weigh my pans to make sure there is an equal amount of batter in each pan before I cook them. I see her sitting at her blue table in the kitchen telling me where the pure vanilla is for the hundredth time. I think of her as a younger grandma, as I sit as a young child and watch in fascination as the makes perfect rose after perfect rose.

I think of sitting with her as I try again and again to make a rose, she is 85 in this memory and legally blind, but I go visit her every week. I take her cookie dough already made into balls and frozen so Grandma can always have fresh baked cookies to share with anyone that comes to visit. Grandma doesn’t want anyone to go home empty handed. Those little cookies mean so much to her. And in return, although blind and home bound, she sits patiently with me, my cute little son playing on the floor at my feet and we practice roses, flowers and piping. Grandma can see out the sides of her eyes if it is close enough. So I work, then I hand her my rose nail with my awkward rose on top. Grandma puts it so close to her eyes I am worried she will get frosting on her face. She smiles at me and says “That is a little better, let me show you again.” I lead her hand to the center of the nail and she proceeds to make a perfect rose. I smile and try again.

I looked forward to our time together. We would sit and talk, eat lunch together, I would clean her house and she would play as best she could with my little boy. I miss my Grandma and I love feeling so close to her each time I bake a cake.

The Florida Day of Sharing

Yesterday was such a fun day!
I went with a friend to the Florida Day of Sharing Event in Ft. Lauderdale. Through out the day there were sugar art demonstrations on how to make amazing flowers: orchids, poinsettias, and many others. I met some great people and enjoyed getting to know them.

As part of the event anyone could bring a display to share. I decided to try a new technique and take a cake to display.

I decided on this design because it reminded me of some beautiful cupcakes I tried to ship once and they were destroyed during shipping and the poor bride had to scramble to find cupcakes the day before her Engagement party. So this cake is dedicated to Kate and Ryan. Congratulations you guys!

Here is one of the cupcakes before they were shipped.

After the demonstrations, there was a drawing and 9 people were picked to come up in 3 groups and do a Cake Challenge. So guess who got picked, Yep…yours truly!

I was so nervous, I was shaking. I knew the competition was just for fun but to be up there in front of all of those amazing artists and to know they were all watching me was terrifying!

The Cake Competition was 30 minutes and each group was given 2 8in. rounds, some spatulas, a bucket of buttercream icing, one bag and one…count them….ONE tip to try to decorate the cake. Luckily since my brain wasn’t working correctly, a bunch of people not in the challenge surrounded our table and started helping us by giving direction.

My teammates were great to work with. I wish I could remember their names now, but I have forgotten them. I was kind of in a frenzy. So we whipped out our supplies and started working. After 15 minutes they told us to stop and that one person from the team had 5 minutes to make a bow out of fondant for the cake. I kept working on the cake while one of my teammate made a beautiful bow.

After the challenge was over we stood around nervously waiting for the results. After a gruelling 5 or so minutes they announced that OUR TEAM had WON!!!! Yea!!! We were so excited and surprised. All three of the cakes were beautiful!
It was so fun to laugh and work with others that enjoy the same passion for the sugar arts. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you to everyone that made the event possible!

Here are a few of the other displays at the Day of Sharing. I did not make these, but thought I would share them with you.

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

I know these are a little late in coming, but they could be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

So Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, now I am really early!
And Yes, I am an optimist!

Actually, I made these cute “Thanksgiving” cupcakes with a great group of young girls from church. I am a teacher for the 12-13 year old girls on Sundays and on Wednesday nights we meet and learn crafts, cooking, do service projects and all sorts of other fun stuff. It is really fun working with my group of girls. They have been wanting to learn how to work with Fondant, so I thought these cupcakes would be a great place to start. They did a wonderful job too, I just wish I had remembered my camera, so I could show you all of their cute pumpkin patches.
So, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Moving Forward

I have been thinking a lot about about the statement “Keep Moving Forward”. If you are not aware, that statement comes from the Disney movie, Meet the Robinson’s. Which I think is one of the most underrated Disney movies ever. There are so many great lessons to be learned from this movie. So how does “Keep Moving Forward” relate to cake decorating? Maybe it doesn’t, because cake decorating is certainly not life or death, but as I look at the picture of this cake, as the decorator, I only see the mistakes and the flaws, all the things I wish I could redo. They are so apparent to me that they seem to scream at me. But if I take a minute and pan out, away from the cake, I can see the beauty of it. If I try to see it from an outside point of view the cake is beautiful.

Sometimes in our lives we spend so much of the time looking at the mistakes and the flaws in our own lives, we miss the beauty of the life we live. As the saying goes, We are our own worst critics.

So how do we pan out and change our perspective? I think that comes from inside ourselves. For me I try to see myself the way others see me. I try to uplift the people around me, I try to leave them better then I found them and I try to Move Forward.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is going to have a bad day, everyone is going to need to “vent” to someone. But then if we continue to move forward, if we dust ourselves off, I believe our world grows larger and our view broadens and then we can step back and see how far we have come. Then we can turn and see the beauty that others see.

Cowboy Birthday

Yehaw!!!I made this cake for a boy having a cowboy party. The party was on his grandparents horse ranch. It was a beautiful place. They had hayrides for the kids and bobbing for apples. This cake was one of the biggest cakes I have made, It was about 2 feet tall and sat on a 2 foot square base. The cake is all chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing. The horses and fence are plastic, but the mountain is all cake.